Man giving a presentation

Corporate Presentations | Inspiration and Information

We’ve all done them ourselves, been party to plenty, we’ve been inspired by them, been put to sleep by them. The corporate presentation.

Content, Context, Preparation, Practice, Delivery.

There’s just so much to think about and to get right. Like the old adage: ‘You can please some of the people all the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time’. You’re already on a partial loser!
But no matter, if you did your absolute best and clearly communicated the information and had it understood by most of your audience. It could have been a job well done.

Corporate Conferences & Staff Retention

Innovative businesses over the years have put great efforts into company conferences and product launches. From live action stunt performers to a free week long conference in the Caribbean, even pop stars in attendance. Well, not everyone’s budget will stretch to Taylor Swift, so marketing teams and business leaders need to find simpler, yet creative ways to establish clear communication of message and company values.

Creative Engagement

PowerPoint and Keynote ain’t dead yet and still provides a platform for great presentations. But if you’re wanting to raise the bar, there is some great stuff out there. Here’s one of our favourites:

This still today is a beautiful way of communicating almost everything we’d ever need to know about the Apple brand modus operandi. This is a piece of art on so many levels. Regardless of its simplicity, great time, effort and budget went into producing it.

Our belief is that you don’t need a Silicone Valley budget to create engaging, creative, stirring presentations. If that budget of course that is what you have, we’re happy to talk motion capture, animations, live action etc. However, lets say you’re on a modest budget arranging a company sales conference, brand launch or even viral production, there are ways and means of developing creative and evocative ideas for almost any budget.

Brand Message vs Emotive Reaction

The purpose of any presentation is to communicate ‘The Message’.
Knowledge is one thing, purpose is another. A great presentation should stir the senses, create or reinforce beliefs and inspire a team or group to a shared purpose.
Information alone cannot do this. There should be a narrative, a hero’s story that centres on each of them and their place in the success yet to be achieved.
Then ‘The Message’ will become the purpose.

Presentation Delivery

There have been some great orators in public office, actors make their living on their delivery of believable and moving words, there are public speaking consultants who can teach executives these skills. Time to learn and practice these skills is in short supply in these busy times, so sometimes a well crafted, beautifully written and produced presentation or film can do the job on your behalf. It’ll set the tone, warm up the audience and build belief before the message needs to be understood. Brand values and an audiences part in the product or service journey is reinforced before they even learn the facts.

Inspiration before Information, that’s how we do it!

Here’s a little something we did a short while ago. The context was a Sales Conference for a Multi National Software business. Enjoy.