Guy happy at work

I wanna work somewhere cool

There’s lots happening in the world of technology. The working practices that we currently enjoy, will soon be revolutionised, as more and more people start to work remotely. The world is becoming smaller as communication technology gets better.

As exciting as that is, there is still an unrivalled need to meet, collaborate, chat beyond the job roles and retain our human connection and mutual inspiration.
The commercial interior design industry is going to great lengths to create work environments, inclusive of colour psychology, ergonomics and aromachology (the study of aromas on human psychology) to ensure collaboration is achieved in harmonious environments and that creativity is fuelled in brighter and fresher circumstances.
Working in the creative industries, we practice this in our own way, taking time away from the desk and finding inspirational space in the city’s rich culture of libraries, museums, hotels, parks, even coffee shops!

Spending 30% or more of your day in a work environment is somewhat significant. When you think about how many different work hats you’re wearing during that time, the flexing of style and mindset can be difficult, making you from time to time, less effective than you’d like to be. Added daily pressure and stress anyone?!

At Plan B we have been working with clients, who don’t have the time and budget for a full refurbishment, to make small changes to work spaces that can change moods and attitudes, inspire inspiration and create simply a better place to be.
From Graffiti to full wall coverings, a refreshed space instantly changes the feel of a room and thus the outcome of what takes place in there.

Employer branding skills will become a bigger part of the acquisition and retention talent. And as well as considering the employee experience, it’s also probably worth spending sometime thinking about the Employee Interface. Making the environment enjoyable, productive, easier to function in and a place you’d happily spend 30% of your life.

Office plants, graphics, wall art, layout, function and form all are important. Walking in and feeling good, is the best start to any day and that’s when business gets the best from their employees. So whether you’re a B2B office, high street retail, industrial or sports centre, we believe that there’s those little things that you can do, that could just end up making a huge difference in some very ‘cool’ ways indeed.