Should you use a CMS?

I have created content for many websites in my time. And one thing I have always come across is different Content Management Systems. It has got me thinking, which is best when creating a new site? An existing system like WordPress or a custom CMS? Or do we need one at all?

If you want to own your website content and update regularly, a CMS is a good idea. They tend to be user-friendly; you don’t have to be a coder and you can create, and more importantly, maintain something quite stunning. There are lots of templates you can use to reflect your brand so if you are starting out, this is a good idea. You will need some help building it though, and that is where we come in!

WordPress, Wix, Drupal – there are so many platforms out there. Best pick one you find easiest to use. But what about something custom? The issue here is that if you part ways with your developer, you may struggle to find another one who can help you if things go wrong.

Then there are companies who ditch the CMS altogether and have a bespoke site written in code. This is a brave move and if you take this route, you’re best using a coding language that is widely utilised and open source, so that if you have problems, there is a community of developers who can help.

You want your website to stand out and not look like others, so using your own code may help you to achieve this. It is like with your marketing strategy, you need to think who is this for and how can I best target (and impress) them?

So, if you are starting out and want a DIY approach, fine, no problem – select a template and off you go. If you are a larger corporation that can afford to hire developers, perhaps your own approach is best.

There really is no one size fits all, but before you part with money for a template, have a look at how much a branding agency costs as we can take care of all aspects to leave you doing what you do best; running your own business.

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