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A brand agency with respect

Creativity, we believe, should be set loose to change the status quo and initiate new and profound ideas that will inspire people to take action, to feel affinity with brands, causes and step changes in consumer behaviour.

It should be unbridled, unbiased and always unfulfilled. Believing that there are more answers that questions. Unstigmatised, it must be set free to push the limits of this industry and all its forms of communication.

But wait…

That is just the start. Inspiration must be then tempered with respect, consideration and empathy.

Brands need respect

With a combined 200 years marketing experience in the senior team at Plan B Creative, we have over the years developed marketing campaigns and collateral for many brands and companies that require a sensitive touch. Sure, we’re confident, challenging and we try to be inspirational. But we know that our purpose, first and foremost, is to enable you and your marketing team to achieve great things for the brand or cause you are most passionate about. And although we always set the creative juices flowing at the highest pressure possible, we refine our ideas and rationalise the creativity to align itself with sensitive subject matter.

Dignity Funeral Directors

Having worked with Dignity for many years, we have, with their marketing team, found empathy for and understanding of the complexity of the emotional decision matrix that people will go through when considering future planning. The subject matter of ‘end of life’ can bring many emotions to the surface of one’s mind.

Not to trivialise these emotions, or make them daunting, are always key considerations when producing interesting and compelling creative work in this very necessary but sensitive market. Market research is a key component when choosing imagery, ideas, language and even colours. Then more importantly, we listen to the market research from those in the target audience and establish the best and most sensitive route to communicating the importance of making the right decisions.

Our work for Dignity has spanned advertising, direct mail, brand brochures, exhibition materials, websites and presentations.

The history of Dignity
Corporate Literature

Online, social and content marketing for a good cause

Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer is a midlands-based charity raising social awareness and money to help local people living with breast cancer. They are amazing people; full of positivity and optimism. We fulfil their marketing strategies using this internal brand personality that they all share. Our marketing programmes reflect their beliefs and convictions. We are inspired by them and ensure that this upbeat personality furthers itself in their social media and content marketing. The importance of what they are raising money for is always close to our hearts.

Through effective communication strategy and the appropriate use of upbeat and confident language, that never trivialises the impact of cancer on people’s lives. We help them bring attention and support to their cause in positive and respectful ways.

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A creative brand agency should bring great empathy and respect to the table, as well as industry insight, consumer understanding and ideas.

And the ideas? They should be thoughtful, considered, filtered and appropriate.

Just like good people.

Just like Plan B.

Unexpected ideas…