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Start up Inspiration

Here at Plan B, we’ve had a load of great feedback from a recent post about starting a business. It featured a link to a great TV commercial from Dell Computers called ‘Beginnings’.

Clients have called and emailed to say that the commercial left them feeling inspired and productive. We can’t take all the credit, most we shall pass to Dell and their agency. We are pleased that we could share your great work with a wider audience. And the commercial is still doing its job. Good job guys…

Putting emotion into brands is where a good brand agency can excel to become a great brand agency. Profound creative moves people to act and make a choice. To find affinity with a company’s or brand values and character. We like to think we can compete on this, but an additional advantage of being fairly young 5 year old agency is we still feel the passion for growth and the evolution of exciting new challenges.

Copywriters make great dinner party guests

We’ve all played the game, who would you invite to a dinner party? People alive or dead that you would choose to sit around a carrot and coriander soup, beef wellington with herb potatoes and tiramisu culinary masterpiece. And the answers vary for the ridiculous to the inspired, from the controversial to the downright inappropriate!
You know what? If you want a great conversation with fact and insight, invite a copywriter. Think about it, on a given day they research subject, understand it, write about it from one perspective or another. Then the next day they follow a similar process for a wholly different sector or product. Taking into account a couple of holidays, that could be 250 different areas of mild expertise that they could achieve in each year! Interesting guys for sure.

So what’s our point?

Experienced Brand Agency

As a brand agency in Birmingham we are the same. We have experience across many disciplines and markets at a client’s disposal. Account teams and creatives take time to share their work to cross fertilise ideas and strategies for the benefit of all clients. We offer advice and often direction beyond marketing to so many of our smaller clients. Helping them to refine their business model and marketing strategy. So when we get to the nitty gritty of campaign development and implementation, the brief is bang on and the results justify the experience.

Business Inspiration and advice

Working with a multitude of brands and industries has widened our insight into strategic marketing, brand development, social media and commerce. That goes without saying. What Plan B also try to provide is the encouragement and inspiration that a fledgling business needs.

We will be honest and if needed, politely challenge the business direction to understand the motivation. But it is not about any doubt in what you may be doing, it is about doing something better on your behalf. Crafting a strategy and idea that works to it’s best result.

There are enough Naysayers and doubters when you start a business. At Plan B our vested interest is your success. Need a coffee and a gee up, give us a call and pop in, you’ll leave buzzing, but not from the caffeine fix, from the support and inspiration we believe that it is our responsibility to give our clients in their business ambitions and endeavours.

And here’s a little more inspiration from Honda.

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