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Stop, collaborate and listen

Stop, collaborate and listen

Alright! If you’re in your 40’s, at this point you’ll be reminiscing about rapping, dodgy fashion choices and the lyrical stylings of Vanilla Ice.

Sorry to have done that to you, but at least we have your attention. If you’re unable to relate to ‘Ice, Ice Baby’, don’t worry about it. Leave it in the past, where it should stay.

These words however do have a point with regards to the creative process. Every agency or creative team will have a method that suits them best. Here, we want to share with you a few of our ideas when it comes to concept development, identity and design, brand development and anything creative.

Creative Development

Stop! Free your mind, remove a load of your creative reference points. Do not go to the Mac. Be the master, not the slave to the sword.

Thinking before working is where we believe the greatest work comes from. That blank sheet of paper and a world drowned out by the silence of inspiration. Man that sounds profound. That’s the point! Profound thoughts are generally the original ones and that is what you are looking for.

That is why you choose a brand agency. Original ideas are the products of a proven methodology.

I reckon Sir Isaac Newton knew his stuff. He probably thought that he’d take a day out of the office to see what he could randomly discover during the afternoon. It’s just that something profound happened whilst he was sitting under a tree doing nothing. I’d like to know if he continued to sit around outdoors doing nothing after he ‘discovered’ gravity. Hope so.

Creative Collaboration

Then let the minds come together with all of their originality. Have a process of deliberation and discussion. Ground rules can keep the egos at bay.

Criticism can come in many forms. Take the positive route. Criticism can mean the study, evaluation and interpretation of many things.

Don’t take the piss. Add value instead. Question before you share your observation, interpretation is a unique experience and this where a collaboration phase to any creative output becomes most valuable.

Here at Plan B, the creative process continues, as inspiration is utilised to further inspiration. Here, all ideas add fuel to other ideas, their refinement, development and then certain ones becoming obsolete are the outcomes of this collaborative phase.

Creative Listening

Sometimes, the passions of creativity and the birth of genuinely original ideas lead to sensitivity and emotions running high. This is again a part of that process. Creative listening is listening without judgment and with an open mind. Each mind interprets the same thing in different way and sometimes we’re wanting mass market appeal and clarity of message. We need to know what people are thinking and how it differs to our own perspectives.

Their thoughts unfiltered through our own is where truly useful creative evolving feedback will come from. That’s the fuel to make the idea to burn brighter! To become ’Something to grab a hold of you tighter.’ (Sorry couldn’t help ourselves!) that idea that resonates with the relevant target audience to the greatest effect.

So there’s an insight into some of Plan B Creative’s methodology in producing press advertising, radio commercials, brand identity, corporate literature and marketing communications plans and strategies.

If you like an open minded bunch and you have an open mind approach to your marketing and creative campaigns, give us a call.

We’re listening. We’re ready to collaborate. Full Stop.