ways to be more creative with your brand

5 ways to be more creative with your brand


In a world of content overload and digital noise, how can your brand cut through?

Creativity is how.

Creativity is a differentiator, it stops consumers in their tracks, disrupting the endless scroll.

Time and time again studies prove better results are achieved by the most creative brands. Creativity can lead to innovation, fueling big ideas and new opportunities. Problems are solved through unique solutions as employees are encouraged to think differently and challenge the status quo. The result is products, services and tactics that stand out.

If this is the key to your competitive edge, then what are the specific ways to be more creative with your brand?

Here we run through the top five.



Tell your brand story

Simply promoting your products and services is no longer enough. People buy from brands that match their values and reinforce their identities. That means they need to know who your brand is, why you exist and what you stand for.

That’s where brand storytelling comes in. You need a story with characters, a plot, a setting, a theme, a point of view and a conflict. You need a beginning, middle and end that covers the history of your brand, your brand’s purpose, values, goals and mission.

Once you have your story, you then need to get creative in how you share it. This leads us on to our next point…




Use a variety of content and channels

One size does not fit all when it comes to communicating different messages to different audiences.

You need to reach audiences where they are and use the type of content most suited to what you’re saying.

Always writing blogs and producing infographics can soon become boring to your audience. And only publishing content on your website or using email limits who you reach. You need to mix it up, keep your audience guessing. That’s how you get engagement.




Know which mediums allow for the most creativity

Certain types of content and channels of communication lend themselves to greater creativity. 

So, for example, Instagram stories can allow for more creativity than feed posts since they’re fleeting and can be done off the cuff, meaning more opportunity for experimentation. 

Another example would be social videos over website videos. There’s definitely a time and place for website videos, but those you post on social media can give you the chance to be more creative. This can be the result of each platform’s audience. Your social media followers may be more open to seeing quirky content, whereas this approach may be too risky for your website and first-time visitors. 




Involve more of your team in idea creation

There are certain job roles or departments that are branded as the creatives within a company. You may in fact have a ‘Creative Team’. But that doesn’t mean other employees can’t get involved in coming up with ideas or producing content.

If anything it should be actively encouraged.

By bringing more of your team into the process of idea and content creation, diverse voices are heard and fresh perspectives introduced.





As hinted at in our last point, collaboration fosters creativity. But this collaboration can and should go beyond the internal team.

Partnering with clients and synergetic businesses offers great opportunities for creativity. Combining different skill sets, knowledge and experience can widen your brand’s reach and allow you to push the boundaries with what you offer. 




To sum up

For your brand to get noticed, it needs to get creative. With so many brands and so much content out there, you may think everything’s already been said or done.

But we’re here to tell you that it hasn’t. And by actioning these top five suggestions, you’re nurturing the creativity that’s key to bringing something new to the table.

Creativity is our purpose and passion here at Plan B Creative (if you couldn’t tell from the name). So, if you would like any advice or have any questions about boosting your brand creativity, get in touch today.