6 ladies receiving award at North Bristol NHS Trust awards event

Plan B sponsor NBT Exceptional Healthcare Award

Last Friday 8th November, we supported North Bristol NHS Trust’s event for the Exceptional Healthcare Awards, sponsoring the Best Improvement in Patient Experience Award, recognising teams & individuals who made exceptional changes to their working environment throughout the year. With thanks to Southmead Hospital Charity, over...

Wordpress brand logo on computer screen. Man typing on the keyboard. WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS).

Is WordPress the best CMS?

What’s a CMS? The bare bones of any webpage that exists will be written in lines of code such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP. This doesn’t necessarily mean however, that somebody sits and writes every line of code for a website.  Content Management Systems are web...

The shopfront of a Paddy Power betting shop in Norwich city centre

Anti-Marketing – How does it work?

As oxymoronic as it sounds, anti-marketing is a growing theme in the advertising sector. We live in a climate where you are likely to see some form of advertisement wherever you turn your attention - public transport, television, mobile apps and clothing are all examples...

How to Sell your Brand - Plan B Creative

How to Sell your Brand – A Case Study

Branding is crucial to a business’ success. While providing a service is the cornerstone of business, only a carefully considered campaign can provide your brand with an identity that people will recognise; enabling it to progress without limitation. Branding Psychology As an example, let’s take Evian and...

The best ideas happen in the most unusual places

Every day, every one of us can be creative, but with so much content already out there, how do you create content in such as way that it gets maximum attention and the perfect message across? After several frustrating meetings with your team, you put down some ideas and yet that genuine light bulb moment never happens. The problem is that pure creativity is very rarely found under pressure.