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We are a Brand Agency.
With a passion for website design, corporate identity and branding, advertising, video production and all things digital.

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Unexpected Ideas…

Plan B have been around a while now and there’s not much we haven’t done on the advertising and marketing front. Branding, design, online marketing, website development, animations, video and a lot more....

Branding Birmingham

Billed as the next big thing. The city to watch. Potentially untouched by falling house prices after Brexit?! Birmingham, bless her/him/it, is making noises as a developing economical powerhouse. Seriously it is...


The best ideas happen in the most unusual places

Every day, everyone of us can be creative, but with so much content already out there, how do you create content in such as way that it gets maximum attention and the perfect message across? After several frustrating meetings with your team, you put down some ideas and yet that genuine light bulb moment never happens. The problem is that pure creativity is very rarely found under pressure.

Oriental Gate

Show some respect

Creativity, we believe, should be set loose to change the status quo and initiate new and profound ideas that will inspire people to take action, to feel affinity with brands and causes and to [verb here] step changes in consumer behaviour....

Red Haired Woman

Branding & Colour

Some brands own one outright: a colour, shade or hue that smacks of ‘I know exactly who that is!’. Coca-Cola is a great example. A few years ago now, there were a load of 48 sheets across the country, all in red, a subtle wave...

Man standing in glass lift over large city

Financial Sector Marketing

The banking industry and financial sector has had its kickings in recent years. Let’s not start on PPI, company profits and the like! What can be noticed however it the financial services sector is the change in marketing direction, from...