Evidence Tracker

We helped develop an Evidence tracker where they created a range of activities for the young people to take part in challenges and events throughout the year to gain their Bronze, Silver and Gold badges. Evidence Trackers

Digital Solutions

We also help the Birmingham Scouts keep their websites up to date with fresh updates. We helped them put together a separate website for their Jamboree event BrumJam.

The Scouts have updated their branding aiming at promoting how the Scouts offer Skills For Life through the wide variety of activities they provide for young people. The Birmingham Scouts were looking to have a fresh look for their website to reflect this. Reducing clutter across the old website and allowing more space along with the introduction of video backgrounds has helped bring the new website to life in a way that displays the Scouts ability to help young people develop the skill required for life.

BrumJam Website:


Birmingham Scouts Evidence Trackers:


Scouts Spitfire: