Life long football fans, Plan B, were chuffed to bits to be able to work with this Premiership team. Chelsea wanted to create a Coaches Handbook for its coaching team and community coaching ambassadors.
Subject matter was of high importance, involving safeguarding, diversity and best practices. So our visual communication strategy was to develop a style that was simple, bold and clear. Prime colours, clear messaging and iconography helped this piece of work keep the blue flag flying high.

Fun, bright, inspiring and educational are the key factors in the design briefs we get from the amazing Chelsea FC. Working with their youth programmes, from coaches handbooks to health and nutrition guides for kids, we work hard to ensure that readers and engaged and that the appropriate message gets through. Whilst the brand identity is always adhered to, the youth market allows for some flexion of the rules and provides plenty of room for creativity and reader interaction. We’re loving every opportunity to be working with a championship team and as we pass the ball around the results just get better!