Branding your business

How Branding Will Help Sell Your Business

Are you just starting with setting up your own business and concerned about how you are going to survive the first 12 months? Or, you might be looking to retire any time now and think it’s too late to start worrying about branding; either way, if you’re working towards your business contributing to your pension pot or funding your next big project, you have to start thinking about branding…

Top 6 Branding Trends of 2019

Is your business selling high-end products, cutting edge designs or offering a service? We bet we could get a pretty good idea about your business from your branding alone.

A brand says a lot about the business behind it and it is one of the first things your customers notice about you. That’s why keeping up to date with branding trends is so important. Have a look below for the top 6 branding trends of 2019 and start thinking; does yours need to be freshened up?

Oriental Gate

Show some respect

Creativity, we believe, should be set loose to change the status quo and initiate new and profound ideas that will inspire people to take action, to feel affinity with brands and causes and to [verb here] step changes in consumer behaviour....

Red Haired Woman

Branding & Colour

Some brands own one outright: a colour, shade or hue that smacks of ‘I know exactly who that is!’. Coca-Cola is a great example. A few years ago now, there were a load of 48 sheets across the country, all in red, a subtle wave...

Man standing in glass lift over large city

Financial Sector Marketing

The banking industry and financial sector has had its kickings in recent years. Let’s not start on PPI, company profits and the like! What can be noticed however it the financial services sector is the change in marketing direction, from...